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    Our service is available in entire areas of states i.e; Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


    We Beleive in providing the quality and excellent service in affordable price

    Prashanthi Safety Nets is ever-growing the main company supplying efficient netting solutions for various commercial, industrial, and household sectors. We offer varieties of Nets like Safety Nets, Construction Nets, Sports Nets, Fishing Nets, Balcony Nets, and many more…..


    Free Installation

    One of the best advantages of working with us is we provide free installation for our services.

    High Durability

    We offer the best quality nets in the market. Our Safety Nets undergoes with High Durability test.

    Quality Service

    we also make sure installation is done by our most experienced workers; to provide the value of our service to our customers.

    Affordable price

    We provide high-quality service at the most affordable price when compare to the market price.