Are Pigeons a nuisance

Pigeons have been known as the rats with wings. These highly domestic birds nest in flats and residential area and their droppings can be a health hazard. Yes , they are harmless but when you look at our biological make up they can be a danger to our well being also they can make a place very dirty.

To combat this issue today you have anti bird nets in Hyderabad. Anti bird nest work as a deterent from keeping birds like pigeons away from any area they may congregate and look to nest. These birds can also breed two to three birds at a time so multiply quickly and form a big flock which is where they can become a nuisance to residential and industrial areas.

PSN is a leading company in India which provides anti bird nets in Hyderabad.  Their nets are of the highest quality which keeps the pigeons away also helping in maintaining a clean residential or industrial complex.

Now, it is a fact that the pigeons by themselves are harmless and don’t threaten us but their droppings can be a potential biological risk to our well being. How often have you seen a place which is littered with pigeon droppings? This leaves a foul feeling in our minds and also is a health hazard. Anti bird nets in Hyderabad has been around for some time, but it is only in recent years that the qualities of these nets have been improved. It is long lasting, durable and can keep any enclosure free from birds like pigeons.

The problem is not the pigeon really but how they can liter a place and make it dirty to sight and smell. Further, we know it is also a health hazard.

You may be a bird lover, but can you neglect the safety of your health for your fancy? It all boils down to safety of our well being. When it comes to being safe these pigeons in large numbers can really be a nuisance. It may be romantic notion to love birds, which is all alright but would you want your children to catch some viral infection because of their droppings? I am sure not so although you may be a bird lover pigeons and domestic birds are best kept away from nesting near us. For this purpose you could think of using balcony safety nets or even duct area safety nets which will protect you from these birds that are though harmless can be a health hazard and a nuisance.

So to conclude, ‘Yes’ pigeons are lovely domestic birds but not at the expense of our health and we must look at safety first, to be safe and than sorry. It is not about what nice pets they can make but what a hazard they are and can be by their droppings to our human biological constitution.

So the next time you see pigeons in your roof and wonder what must be done? Think of contacting professional safety nets personnel and be safe than sorry.

Are Pigeons a nuisance

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