Balcony Safety Nets

Prashathi Safety Nets are the best solutions for residential nets to protect houses from unwanted pests. Our nets are of stringent , long lasting quality that keeps all unwanted birds and pests away from the balcony and keeping it hygienic against any invaders to your private space.

It is noticed most balconies in residential areas have a stream of unwanted visitors like birds that come to nest making the balcony unhygienic with droppings that can lead to various health problems. Our nets are designed for long lasting and appropriate netting solutions. We customize our nets according to the requirement making it even beautiful to look at and practical.

Our nets have to pass through stringent quality test which can withstand any weather conditions and is appropriate for all housing solutions. We have different kinds of nets which cater to all requirements. Our R & D process follows industry best practices making us the best solution in the market..

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