Bird spikes

Prashanthi safety nets are among the few reputed suppliers of Bird spikes in Hyderabad. Bird spikes are kind of spikes which can be used on the roof of a building which doesn’t permit birds to perch there. This can be a big menace to your cleanliness as birds perching on your roof top will leave droppings that can affect the hygiene of the entire area. Our birds spikes are amongst the most trusted in Hyderabad and we have provided spikes to offices , clubs , residential complexes and commercial areas. These spikes are of different lengths from 30 cms to 0.98 feet. We provide such a variety so that it can perform different functions and be adoptable to any requirement . We are amongst the most popular providers of bird spikes in Hyderabad and our spikes are reputed for their durability and quality. Bird spikes can help you get rid of the menace of having unwanted birds perching in your area and leaving droppings of foul smell also presented a hygiene challenge.
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