Balcony Safety Nets

Prashathi Safety Nets are the best solutions for residential nets to protect houses from unwanted pests. Our nets are of stringent , long lasting quality that keeps all unwanted birds and pests away from the balcony and keeping it hygienic.

Anti Bird Nets

Anti bird nets are specially designed for commercial as well as residential purposes. It is most appropriate for agriculture where crops are destroyed by birds and pests and we can provide the best solution for the same.

Pigeon safety nets

Pigeons can be a big nuisance in residential areas making their nests in balconies. Our pigeon safety nets offer the best solution against this menace keeping your balconies and houses clean and free from the pigeon menace.

Children Safety Nets

Prashanthi safety nets provide the best children safety nets for any area. It is noticed that children are generally naughty and tend to play where ever they can sometimes this exposes them to areas where they could be in danger.

Construction Safety Nets

In our urban development safety of construction workers is most important. We provide construction safety nets which can be used for various purposes in a construction site from preventing accidents to keeping the enclosure safe from any pests.

Duct Area Safety Nets

Prashathi Safety nets provide the best duct area safety nets in Hyderabad. These nets come in use again in construction areas where safety is most important. In construction sites in urban areas it is important to keep the work place safe from pests and any danger that could happen.

Industrial safety nets

Prashanthi safety nets are among the pioneers to provide the best industrial safety nets. These nets are made for Industry which needs protection from any external damage. They are of high quality with the most stringent R & D tests so that they can withstand load.

Swimming pool safety nets

Prashanthi safety nets provide the best swimming pool safety nets in Hyderabad. Now , most residential areas , clubs and properties have a swimming pool but this can be dangerous when the pool is not in use and anything falls into it.

All Sports Net

Sports is now become an integral part of our life and Hyderabad offers some of the best sports facility for Cricket , Volley ball, Basket ball and you name it. Prashathi safety nets provide the best nets for these enclosures which prevent it from getting soiled by any external source and offering the best playing facility.

Cricket practice nets

Cricket is a religion in India and cricket pitches including practice pitches need to be netted so that sportsman can concentrate on their game rather than fetching the ball. We provide the best cricket netting solutions in Hyderabad with our nets being strong and durable in all weather conditions.

Netlon Mosquito Mesh

Mosquitoes are a menace and can lead to many diseases. Prashathi safety nets build the best mosquito nets in the market which are generally made by cotton, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester and nylon. Our nets can be used to guard the entire house or premises or even indoors.

Green Shade Net

Prashanthi safety nets take pride in being amongst the best shade nets providers in Hyderabad. These nets are used in nurseries , agricultural fields, plantations and horticultural projects. Our nets not only provide shade but offer protection to your area.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes are kind of spikes which can be used on the roof of a building which doesn’t permit birds to perch there. This can be a big menace to your cleanliness as birds perching on your roof top will leave droppings that can affect the hygiene of the entire area.

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